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An Enhanced Ability To Predict And Beat The Market.

BooleanGrid’s unique algorithm removes noise to reveal the hidden matrix that drives the market.

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BooleanGrid Beats The Top Hedge Fund

BooleanGrid’s portfolio of undervalued funds is beating the fabled Renaissance Medallion fund.

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BooleanGrid has also been able to beat the Total Stock Market and Berkshire Hathaway A.

How It Works

Unlike traditional tools, which assume the market moves in an orderly fashion, BooleanGrid assumes the market is chaotic, and uses quantum mechanics to build portfolios.

This approach is a much more accurate model of the way the market really works.

Build Portfolios In An Interactive, Live Quantum Simulation Of The Market.

Use BooleanGrid to create an instant hedge fund, build a custom fund geared toward your performance goals, or generate new ideas and insights.

Innovation At Last

Innovation is a big topic in stock market technology. Yet, all of the current offerings rely on the old-fashioned idea that the market obeys classical logic, or cause and effect.

This includes MetaStock, TC2000, TradeStation, Optuma, QuantShare, in additional to traditional tools like Bloomberg, TDAmeritrade, and Thomson.

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